MPP title and final series

Mountain without a peak
Power. Dominance. Subordination. Identity. Autonomy. Intimacy. Topics that are more than current in terms of today’s society. Human identities are not stable entities as they form and involve in both internal and external context, similarly the interpersonal relationships are always implemented with certain interests. Power is undoubtedly one of the key determinants of these processes. Through staged photographs of couples (as this will eventually become a part of a bigger series) living together, the series tries to offer an insight into the fragile balance between the realization of one’s own existence and compromises made towards the benefits of a relationship. Live subjects embedded into an authentic space of their own household reflect the subtle, often invisible nuances of their relations, creating a solid framework with an open and individual interpretation of the photographic image. Thus the search for balance within a relationship becomes a metaphor, a symbolic climb of a mountain without a peak.


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