Jaśmina Stysiak

“I just want to express myself. my photography is mostly about myself. I work with models and create stories with them to say things about my various states. i’m an extremely honest person so my photography has to be honest too and this is the most important thing to me. my interests and feelings belong to love, night, sleeping, dreaming, longing, yearning, erotism, tenderness, intimacy and solitude. I make a lot of narrative series which have their chronology and that’s important too, so i have a lot of photos that singly don’t have any sense. what else can i say? i don’t like just ‘pretty pictures’ and i don’t want to make them, i’m still searching for something more. i use an old analog camera – zenit”

jac59bmina-stysiak-2 stysiak-40 stysiak-48 stysiak-54



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