Wei Leng Tay

is a Singaporean photographer based in Hong Kong who explores how people live their lives within their homes. She gives the viewers a glimpse into the houses of her subjects. In her seriesWhere do we go from here? she looks at what it is to be Japanese from the inside. The project consists of two parts, all taken in the city of Fukuoka. In the first part entitled Initial Encounters she photographed the people in a studio, which gave her an introduction to the people and the opportunity to continue her project. For the continuation of her project, Impressions of Japan, she went into their homes, discovering their relationships, priorities and lives lived. In her ongoing project Hong Kong Living she enters the homes of people and portrays the inhabitants, seeing how they live in this challenging Chinese city. The portrayed reveal a part of their Hong Kong.






http://vimeo.com/16782182# –  a short video of the author describing the series.


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