Lydia Roberts

young and brillant british photographer, mainly focusing on self-portraiture, portraits and a some street photography …


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Duane Michals

is an American photographer. Michals’s work makes innovative use of photo-sequences, often incorporating text to examine emotion and philosophy.Michals’s interest in art “began at age 14 while attending watercolor university classes at the Carnegie Institute [Carnegie Museum of Art] in Pittsburgh.” In 1953 he received a B.A. from the University of Denver. After two years in the Army, in 1956 he went on to study at the Parsons School of Design with a plan to becoming a graphic designer; however, he did not complete his studies. He describes his photographic skills as “completely self-taught.” In 1958 while on a holiday in the USSR he discovered an interest in photography. The photographs he made during this trip became his first exhibition held in 1963 at the Underground Gallery in New York City.


Tom Spianti

Spianti Tom is a photographer based in Paris (France) and New York (USA). His photographic work focuses on women, triptychs and portraits. “The women I work with are for me fantastic examples of what femininity is about nowadays. They have great strength of character, they invent alternative lives and characters for themselves. They are very independent women, their aspirations and stories never completely assailable. It’s a kind of female dandyism that fascinates me and which I want to show. What I am interested in is this conquest of a new femininity that young women today invent and reinvent ceaselessly. I never quite know what outfit I will find them in when I meet them. They have a taste for the paradoxical, linked to their ever changing desires. It is not being provocative in a showing off way ; it is rather an intimate behavior. They have multiple personas, as if they were suffering from some sort of delicious schizophrenia which is a consequence of being a modern woman. It is a constant movement between woman and child, between demure and artfully sexy. And I try to capture the most contradictory moments of her reality, from the Sunday’s pyjamas to the most hybrid of outfits via the handbag, the washing up or the fishnet stockings. As for the triptych format, I must confess that it is women themselves who impose this tri-focal vision. It is their very nature, both carnivalesque and whimsical, that is the reason for the fragmented output. Not knowing whether they are women, children playing or Lolitas, they imply this multiplicity of angles and visions.Photography is a tool for knowledge. It is a mysterious way, a kind of X ray thingy, to enable us to see further than the realms of action and necessity. What I always realize also is that photography not only reveals but also creates a new reality which, until then, remained hidden because no one was looking at it. There is always a desire to see and learn between both actors of the photographic process ; photography invents and simultaneously reveals the moment. This is possible because at the origin of the photographic act is a meeting. It is this meeting photography is about, to allow the other to say whatever they can. Thus the name of the game, is to enable the possible to become real. What I particularly like is to listen to and photographing these women who create new, out of the box situations, among their own worlds of objects and inventions, a kind of intimate parallel world few people can step in to, or do. ” Tom Spianti, interview by Plateform Magazine.

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Claudia Burlotti

Born in Italy in 1981, photography began quite late, when I moved to London in 2008.
“My practice is strongly influenced by Participant Observation theories, focusing on how places and habits influence and change our behaviour and even society itself. I use reportage and portraiture to understand myself and the world, investigating everyday social issues. I’ve been selected for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011, The AOP Open Awards 2012, and two of my works received an Honorable Mention in the prestigious International Photographic Awards IPA 2012. I live in London and work in both the UK and Italy.”


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Steven Beckly

is a photo-based artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. His artistic practice explores the complexities of identity, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality in contemporary experience. Blending diaristic, documentary, and cinematographic approaches, his work predominantly employs portraiture infused with biographical elements and idealized fiction. Performance plays an important role in his process, and constructed environments provide the context for his images. He is interested in reconstructing personal and intimate realities and replaying emotional conditions to transform ordinary moments into universal sentiments. Seemingly fictionalized characters are placed in fragmented and open-ended narratives, creating space for imagined structure, context, and meaning. By exploring the connections between the individual, the collective, and their environments, he continually aspires to portray emotional intricacies that comprise and reveal layers of human experience.

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Natasha Gudermane

was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia. There she graduated from the faculty of modern languages and later received a master degree also in arts. At that very moment photography came into her life changing her whole way of living and making her move to Paris, where she lives and works now. During these last Natasha has collaborated with various magazines throughout the world and participated in exhibitions in Riga, St.Petersburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Beijing, New York, Milan and some others. Taking a huge inspiration in literature, Natasha herself uses photography as a language calling her photos “letters to the people I love”. Her images are illustrated thoughts, feelings and observations of a young woman trying to find her place in this world.



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Yijun Liao

Born and raised in Shanghai, Yijun Liao (aka BloodyPixy)  is a fine art photographer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Much of her work is autobiographical and comments on traditional relationship roles with insight and humor. Liao’s photographs have been widely exhibited internationally, including NordArt 2011(Büdelsdorf, Germany), kunst licht Gallery (Shanghai, China), Arario Gallery (New York, NY), Jen Bekman Gallery (New York, NY), VT Artsalon (Taipei, Taiwan), 2008 China Pingyao International Photography Fest (Shanxi Province, China), 2008 China Lianzhou International Photography Fest (Guangdong Province, China), and more.

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